Cody Fry & The Utah Symphony at Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater at Deer Valley Resort

Cody Fry & The Utah Symphony Tickets

Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater | Park City, Utah

Cody Fry & The Utah Symphony

You’ve heard Cody Fry’s “I Hear a Symphony” when it went viral on social media and streaming platforms. Now elevate your experience and witness dreams come true - Cody Fry performing with a real live full-scale symphony: Cody Fry and The Utah Symphony is coming to the Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheatre on 9 August 2024!

As the Utah Symphony's summer season comes to its final bow, ears will be blessed with a magical collaboration with the excellent Cody Fry, conducted by maestro Enrico Lopez-Yañez. It’s all symphony, but with a generous serving of a prodigious artist, bringing his distinctive arrangements and unique style to the stage, sprinkled with vivacity – a truly remarkable blend of hooky pop songs, beautiful storytelling, and breathtaking cinematic emotion.

Fulfill your summer dream with an extraordinary night at the symphony that hits differently! Tickets are on sale from only $75, so phone up friends and family and scoop up your tickets now before they sell out!

Cody Fry’s name is on everybody’s lips.

He is the perfect mix: he has incredible talent as a singer-songwriter and an impeccable knack for full-orchestrated compositions and arrangements, a deep love for cinematic scores, and, of course, breathtaking musical prowess. Undeniably, whatever Cody Fry produces isn't gold - it is much greater!

After his massive success with “I Hear a Symphony”, receiving over 200 million views on social media and streaming platforms, landing him a record deal, and receiving a Grammy Award nomination for Best Arrangement, Instrumental and Vocals for his performance of The Beatles' classic "Eleanor Rigby", Cody Fry will now be taking the stage with symphonic collaborations across the United States. While he is incredible on recordings, witnessing him in performance hits different - it is perfection through and through, and a concert experience of a lifetime.

Symphony orchestras performing alongside pop artists are nothing new – the genre, known as pops, bridges the gap between classical and pop music, allowing audiences to see their favorite artists in a different light.

The collaboration between Cory Fry and The Utah Symphony promises to be almost an out-of-body experience. His seamless harmonization with the extraordinary Utah Symphony under the baton of maestro Enrico Lopez-Yañez will be taking audiences from all walks of life on an emotional, magnificent rollercoaster ride with popular covers and some incredible original music such as “Things You Said”, “Underground”, and “Sailboat”. Truth: hearing your favorite artist backed by the robust sound of a live symphony orchestra is an unreal experience – one that won't ever be forgotten.

There is no better place for exquisite summer nights filled with great melodies, harmonies, and rhythm under the stars, than the Snow Part Outdoor Amphitheatre. This idyllic woodlands spot, nestled in the stunning Deer Valley, is the home turf for the Utah Symphony, celebrating its 20th anniversary of the annual summer program, the Deer Valley Music Festival. The venue can host up to 4,500 music lovers and offers limited reserved seating in front of the stage, giving the audience an up-close and personal experience, fulfilling the biggest summer dream any music lover can ever have!

Cody Fry & The Utah Symphony at Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater

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