Ziggy Marley at Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater at Deer Valley Resort

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Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater | Park City, Utah

Ziggy Marley

Get ready to get the irie vibes in Deer Valley as the reggae music icon Ziggy Marley takes the live stages for his “Circle Of Peace” Tour on Sunday, 14th of July at Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater, Utah. Bringing Lettuce as a special guest, it's gonna be a night full of reggae beats as Ziggy Marley unleashes the jazzy rhythms that will give you pure excitement LIVE! Known for his reggae sounds with a touch of funk, blues, and pop-rock, Ziggy Marley is gonna bless the crowd with his classic tracks, including “Beach In Hawaii," “True To Myself,” and the headlining song “Circle of Peace.” Bagging eight Grammy Awards, Ziggy Marley will embark on this most awaited summer tour, having its stop in Utah to give you the island sounds that will make you groove and jive. Scream and shout and live it all out because Ziggy Marley is going straight to the cup for a night full of skanking rhythms that will give you the reggae-driven concert experience all night. Grab your tickets now!

There’s gonna be a roots reggae revival in downtown Utah as the reggae music star Ziggy Marley brings his “Circle Of Peace” Tour on Sunday, 14th of July at Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater, Deer Valley. Together with the funk band Lettuce, it will be a reggae music celebration as Ziggy Marley leads the musical sessions that will make sway and groove all night long.

After several successful shows across the country for the past years, Ziggy Marley will embark on this summer tour as he drops a show in Deer Valley to give you the Jamaican vibes LIVE! His joyful performances, equipped with his simple but captivating acoustic rhythms and lyrics, will be the highlight of the night as he takes center stage for an all-out reggae performance LIVE! Known for his clever, high-tech pop and the profound activism in his music, it's just not gonna be a musical celebration but a call for inspiration as Ziggy Marley displays his all-out lyrics that will make you want more.

Famous as the son of the biggest reggae icon of all time, Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley never hesitated and carried the torch for the Jamaican Reggae music that his father instituted. With his vibrant pop-infused reggae music, Ziggy Marley caught the interest of the fans with his infectious music, winning him eight Grammy Awards and such. Highlighting his songs like the headlining tracks “Circle Of Peace”, “Beach In Hawaii," “True To Myself,” and many more, including some songs of the great Bob Marley that will give an uplifting experience that you will never forget.

It's gonna be funky right here right now because Ziggy Marley will bring the rising modern funk band Lettuce to spice up the night. Known for their funk, hip-hop, and psychedelia sounds, the Grammy Award-nominated band will fire up the stages with their genre-bending music with their songs “The Force,” “Phyllis,” and more that will hype up your heart and soul.

The famous Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater will be the sanctuary of the smooth reggae celebration in Deer Valley, led by Ziggy Marley with Lettuce. Known for its scenic views, dedicated staff, and state-of-the-art sounds and lighting systems, it's a perfect fit for the all-out ganja beats as Ziggy Marley delivers the one-drop rhythms that will put you in a roller coaster of feelings, reggae style! Get your tickets now!

Ziggy Marley at Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater

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