Utah Symphony: David Newman – The Music of John Williams at Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater at Deer Valley Resort

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David Newman is set to lead the Utah Symphony orchestra in playing the tunes made famous by the master of movie scores, John Williams. Thursday, August 8th, will certainly be a special night, particularly for the fans of the Star Wars franchise who decide to pack into the Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater in Park City, Utah. While. “The Imperial March” or even the main Star Wars theme are likely to draw the biggest applause of the night; conductor David Newman will have a chance to really play with the crowd's different emotions by mixing in a track like “Making the List” from the award-winning movie Schindler’s List.

The Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater is one of the best venues in the country to enjoy an orchestra night. That’s especially the case on a mild summer evening in Park City. Concertgoers can enjoy the experience of sitting up close and personal to the orchestra to appreciate the hard labor that goes into ensuring every member is on the same page to produce a flawless performance. People who want just to enjoy the music with perhaps a glass of wine or beer may find the garden area to be their perfect seating arrangement. In any case, clicking the buy tickets is the best way to ensure you’ll have access to any experience on August 8th.

Although the legendary John Williams is thankfully still with us at the age of 92 and recently retracted his retirement comments, he’s handed the reins over to different conductors so people can still enjoy his music live. That’s why David Newman will be the one pulling the strings of the Utah Symphony Orchestra come August. Newman is no stranger to conducting or film scores. The 70-year-old has worked on over 100 films, either providing the entire score or collaborating with renowned artists to create the music that’s essential to making magic on screen.

Newman worked alongside Phil Collins on the Tarzan score and also helped develop the music behind some of the best scenes in the Ice Age franchise. There’s no word yet on whether part of the lineup at Park City will include some of Newman’s work paired with John Williams’ filmography. In any case, it’s clear that you don’t necessarily have to be a movie buff to recognize the songs that will play on August 8th. Both composers have worked on some of the highest-grossing films of all time. In John Williams’ case, that’s bound to happen when you work so closely with the likes of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

By the way, an orchestra night at the Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater is a unique experience in more ways than one. The venue is obviously built into the mountain to allow nature to help achieve optimal acoustics for the artists. While many people may want to dress accordingly for a classical music concert, the theater's official site recommends wearing comfortable footwear to access the area easily. Also, even though the concert is in August, the temperature does drop when the sun comes down in this area.

While this is seemingly a formal event, don’t be surprised to find people in Darth Vader masks, particularly flocking to the gardens on the backhand of the amphitheater. There may even be people in Dinosaur costumes present as an homage to the Jurassic Park score. Some of these songs are likely going to be part of the lineup on that Thursday night. The mixture of classical music, popular movie themes, and a unique venue make this event one that shouldn’t be missed. Especially for those who will be near Park City come August. Click the get tickets button to ensure your presence in what promises to be a memorable experience.

Utah Symphony at Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater

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